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What is nickel alloy?

Popular for critical and high stress applications, the versatile nickel superalloy can show great performance in elevated temperature applications. The nickel alloy is a durable metal that shows high resistance to temperature, oxidation and corrosion. The material also has high ductility and formability. The nickel alloy stockist supplies this material to various sectors like pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, etc. The alloy also contains titanium, cobalt, aluminium, chromium and niobium in its composition.

All these elements improve the properties of the high nickel alloys by making them lightweight and improving their strength. They also have improved corrosion resistance properties at high temperatures. The material is non magnetic with excellent heat and electricity conduction. It also shows high machinability and is capable of retaining its properties at high temperatures. The added niobium increases its weldability and enhances the overall mechanical properties.




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What are the applications and common uses of high nickel alloys in the aerospace industry?

High pure nickel alloys have excellent creep resistance properties. They can retain their properties even under high stress and temperatures up to 850°C. They also show improved adhesion, hardness and resistance to corrosion and wear & tear. Suppliers recommend high nickel for applications where stress minimization is required and thus, they are suitable for the aerospace industries.


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 Nickel Based Alloy

What the approx nickel-based alloy price per kg in India?

The approximate price of all the alloys of nickel ranges between INR 1000 to 5000 per kg. The price can be more or less depending on the specific type of product, market conditions and quantity ordered. To know the exact pricing of your requirement, contact a reliable nickel alloy supplier like Regent Steel & Engineering Co.

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Nickel alloy Vs Hastelloy

The commercially pure nickel alloys have nickel as the primary content along with trace amounts of other elements like chromium, cobalt, etc. Different quantities of these elements in the alloy alter the properties and give rise to different varied types of alloys made of nickel.

One such is Hastelloy which contains chromium and molybdenum in its composition. It shows excellent resistance to corrosion and high temperature conditions.

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How is nickel alloy produced? What are the 4 unique properties of nickel alloys?

To make nickel based alloys, you should start with the purest form of raw material and then slowly achieve the desired chemical composition. The alloying process can be done using an electric arc, vacum induction melter, etc. The material can be hot or cold worked depending on the desired properties needed for the application. It is refined by acid pickling or electro slag remelting, followed by complete annealing. The material is tested for quality and then packaged properly for shipping.

The four unique properties of the nickel alloy material will include below, It has the capability of withstanding high temperatures without getting damaged or altering its properties.

High strength


Good resistance to heat.

Good resistance to corrosion

How to identify nickel alloy grades at Regent steel ?
Nickel alloy color code
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Is high nickel steel better than stainless steel?

High nickel steel is a superalloy that offers better corrosion resistance than various stainless steel grades. They can also maintain their strength and properties in elevated temperature conditions. This is why, high nickel is used in different critical applications like power plants and aerospace.

SS grades are mostly found in general purpose applications like kitchen appliances, medical instruments, etc. High nickel is more expensive than standard ss grades. But if they are better or not will depend on the intended application. Each have their own set of advantages and the preferred choice will be based on the environment where you are using them.

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