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ASTM B443 UNS N06625 plate

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ASTM B443 UNS N06625 plate
What things need to be considered while purchasing ASTM B443 UNS N06625 plate?
  • The plate must match the relevant standard and ASTM B443 UNS N06625 specification as required by the application.
  • It should have the right size and dimensions that match the application requirements.
  • Go for a supplier who can provide the required quantity of ASTM B443 UNS N06625 plates within the deadline.
  • Make sure the supplier can offer the required certification to ensure the quality and safety of the plates.
  • They should be able to customize the surface finish as per specific operating conditions.
  • You should obtain quotes from multiple suppliers and go for the one offering the best deal.
  • Always choose a supplier who has experience and expertise in producing ASTM B443 hot rolled plate, like Regent Steel & Engineering Co.
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What are some uses for ASME SB 443 UNS N06625 sheet?

Inconel 625 shows excellent corrosion resistance properties with high strength and enhanced resistance to oxidation & corrosion at elevated temperatures. Hence, the ASME SB 443 UNS N06625 sheets can be used in industries like aerospace & aeronautics, chemical processing, oil & gas, marine, petrochemical, etc.

Our priorities are the availability, supply, and rapid delivery of cut-to-size UNS N06625 strips and coils in Mumbai. learn how can the product quality be ensured?

ASME SB 443 UNS N06625 sheet

ASME SB 443 UNS N06625 sheet

B443 UNS N06625 strip

B443 UNS N06625 strip

SB443 UNS N06625 coil

SB443 UNS N06625 coil

How can the quality of B443 UNS N06625 strip be ensured?
  • Choose a reputed supplier who has experience and expertise in offering high quality B443 UNS N06625 strip like Regent Steel & Engineering Co.
  • Request for material certifications from the suppliers as they have detailed information about the chemical composition, mechanical properties, etc., of the B443 UNS N06625 strips.
  • Get an idea of the quality control process used by the supplier to ensure the quality and consistency of the strips. You can also ask for third-party inspections if required.
  • You should go for visual inspections and ensure the mechanical properties of the strips meet the required standards.
  • The strips should also have the required surface finish and must be dimensionally accurate.

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ASTM B443 UNS N06625 plate specification
Sheet Plate Coil
0.016 to 0.130 inch 0.1875-2.000 inch 0.016 to 0.130 inch
Specification Cutting Uses
ASTM B443| ASME SB443 laser, plasma, waterjet, propeller blades, submarine, chemical
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Various types of ASME SB 443 UNS N06625 sheet
ASME SB443 N06625 clad plate

ASME SB443 N06625 clad plate

  • Thickness: 0.3 to 1200 mm
  • Density: 0.303 lb/in3
  • Cut to length
ASTM B443 N06625 foil

ASTM B443 N06625 foil

  • Mechanical processing
  • Welding
  • Edge preparation
UNS N06625 annealed plate

UNS N06625 annealed plate

  • European Origin
  • Indian Origin
  • Japanese Origin
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ASTM B443 N06625 foil chemical properties
Ni Mn Cr Mo Ti Nb+Ta Fe C Si Ph S Co Al
Max 0.10 - 5 0.40 10 23 4.15 0.50 0.50 0.015 0.40 0.015 1.0
Min - Bal - - 8 20 3.15 - - - - - -
SB443 UNS N06625 coil equivalent
Inconel 625 ХН75МБТЮ NCF 625 2.4856 NA 21 N06625 NC22DNB4MNiCr22Mo9Nb NiCr23Fe
B443 UNS N06625 strip mechanical properties
Tensile Strength Hardness Reduction of area 0.2% Proof Stress Elongation
Min Min Min Min Min
827 145 40 414 30
What should I keep in mind when cutting and welding SB443 UNS N06625 coil?

While cutting SB443 UNS N06625 coil, proper tool selection is very crucial. Also, use the required amount of coolant to dissipate heat and prevent the tool wearing. The cutting speed and feed rate must be maintained to avoid a poor surface finish. Finally, Inconel 625 is sensitive to thermal stress and can become brittle on overheating, so that should be avoided. Choosing the right welding method for the coil is quite crucial. You can go for filler materials like ERNiCrMo-3 to maintain the corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. The surface must be properly prepared and cleaned for a sound weld and welding must be done by following the required parameters.

What is the normal lead time for UNS N06625 annealed plate?

The lead time for UNS N06625 annealed plates varies with the suppliers. You should always contact reputed suppliers like Regent Steel & Engineering Co. to get less lead time for product deliveries. They have a huge stock of in standard sizes, which helps with quick delivery. They can also offer customized products, on request and the delivery timelines for that will be less too. Contact them directly to know about the exact lead timeline and see if that aligns with your project deadlines.

Which UNS N06625 plate types are available?
  • These plates are produced by heating the alloy to high temperature and then rolling it to the desired dimensions.
  • The hot rolled plates can be cold rolled to improve dimensional accuracy and achieve a smoother finish.
  • The annealed N06625 plates are heat treated to relieve stress and improve the material properties.
  • ASME SB443 N06625 clad plate has a layer of Inconel 625 bonded to other materials, mostly carbon steel. These plates give benefits of both materials.