ASTM B622 UNS N10276 seamless pipe

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ASTM B622 UNS N10276 seamless pipe
How do I select the appropriate ASTM B622 UNS N10276 pipe for my application?
  • To select the right ASTM B622 UNS N10276 pipe, you must first understand your application requirements. The material shows great resistance to corrosion in a wide range of corrosive media, so see if it is compatible with your service needs. Also, consider temperature and pressure conditions for your application and select pipe accordingly.
  • The ASTM B622 UNS N10276 seamless pipe shows good mechanical properties, including high strength and stress corrosion cracking resistance.
  • The dimensions and size of the pipe must be as par with the application needs.
  • The ASME SB622 heat exchanger tube must be made as per the recommended industry standards.
  • Your project budget must align with the price of the pipe.
  • Finally, contact experts like Regent Steel & Engineering Co., who have experience working with different ASTM B622 redrawn tubes for several years.
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What is the highest stress that an ASME SB 622 UNS N10276 tube can withstand?

The ASME SB 622 UNS N10276 tube shows good mechanical properties which include high tensile & yield strengths. The tube can withstand high stress but the exact measure would depend on the size and dimension of the tube. Other factors that can interfere with the stress-bearing capacity of the tube are design, temperature, environmental conditions, type pf stress and industry standards.

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ASTM B622 UNS N10276 pipe

ASTM B622 UNS N10276 pipe

ASME SB 622 UNS N10276 tube

ASME SB 622 UNS N10276 tube

B622 UNS N10276 tubing

B622 UNS N10276 tubing

Can B622 UNS N10276 tubing be used for seawater applications ?

The B622 UNS N10276 tubing can be used in seawater applications due to its excellent corrosion resisting properties. They can resist pitting, crevice corrosion and chloride ion related stress corrosion cracking, which can occur in the marine environment. They can also withstand acidic conditions and perform well in cryogenic to high temperatures. UNS N10276 tubing can resist biofouling as well.

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ASTM B622 UNS N10276 seamless pipe specification
Wall thickness OD Length
Sch 10 to Sch 80 .250 to 4 inch 6 to 12 meter
MTC Specification Manufacturing type
10204 3.1 and 3.2 ASTM B622 | ASME SB622 Seamless
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Most selling types of ASTM B622 UNS N10276 pipe
SB622 UNS N10276 seamless pipe

SB622 UNS N10276 seamless pipe

  • Size: 15 - 150 inch NB
  • SCH5 - SCH160
  • Double/single random or cut length
ASTM B622 N10276 seamless tube

ASTM B622 N10276 seamless tube

  • Beveling
  • Cutting
  • Threading
ASME SB622 N10276 condenser tube

ASME SB622 N10276 condenser tube

  • Moisture testing
  • Surface roughness testing
  • Heat treatment charts
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ASME SB 622 UNS N10276 tube equivalent
Hastelloy c276 N10276 2.4819 NW 0276 NiMo16Cr15W ХН65МВУ ЭП760
B622 UNS N10276 tubing mechanical properties
Material Hardness Rb Yield Strength (Min) Elongation % C276 filler wire ultimate tensile (min)
Mpa Ksi Mpa Ksi
Hastelloy c276 89 347 50.3 67 741 107.4
Hastelloy c276 86 376 54.6 60 796 115.5
ASTM B622 N10276 seamless tube chemical properties
Grade Mo C Mn Si Co P S Fe Ni Cr
Hastelloy c276 15.00 – 17.00 0.010 max 1.00 max 0.08 max 2.50 max 0.04 max 0.03 max 4.00 – 7.00 50.99 min* 14.50 – 16.50
When buying UNS N10276 annealed tube, what certificates should be considered ?

When buying a UNS N10276 annealed tube, you should consider certain certifications required for the application. This can include a mill test certificate which will give you detailed information about the chemical composition, mechanical properties, etc. You can also get material traceability, compliance with industry standards, NDT certificates, heat treatment records, and other certifications as per the specific application requirements.

How much does SB622 UNS N10276 seamless pipe cost?

The SB622 UNS N10276 seamless pipe is quite expensive compared to the standard stainless steel grades. Also, the seamless pipes are more expensive than the welded ones due to their production procedure and higher reliability However, their exact prices depend on the supplier, their internal cost and market conditions. The seamless pipe price also varies with its size, customization, specific testing requirements and delivery location. Contact Regent Steel & Engineering Co. to get high quality SB622 seamless pipes at the most competitive rate.

How much operating pressure can ASTM B622 N10276 seamless tube withstand?

The ASTM B622 N10276 seamless tube has very high pressure capacities like 96 bars for 2500 class at 675 °C. The pressure it can withstand also depends on the length and wall thickness of the tube. You can refer to the manufacturer’s table or consult them to know about the exact operating pressure for your given seamless ASME SB622 N10276 condenser tube.