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Hastelloy C22 Filler Wire
What is the purpose of Hastelloy c22 filler wire?

The filler wire helps in the welding of Hastelloy c22 products. It is used as an additional material during the welding process to join two or more pieces of Hastelloy C22 together. Hastelloy c22 filler wires are consumable electrodes that provide the necessary alloying elements. This is to create a strong and corrosion-resistant weld joint. The UNS N06022 filler metal also ensures compatibility and maintains the desired mechanical and corrosion-resistant properties of the base material. It allows reliable and durable welds and can be used in different industries like chemical processing, oil & gas and aerospace.

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What are key factors to consider when selecting alloy c22 filler rod?
  • Ensure the alloy C22 filler rod is compatible with the base metal being welded.
  • Consider the corrosion resistance of the rod.
  • Different welding processes may require specific Hastelloy alloy c22 tig rod characteristics. Consider the recommended filler rod diameter, flow rate and deposition rates for the chosen welding process.
  • Evaluate the mechanical properties of the DIN 2.4602 welding rod.
  • Check if it complies with relevant industry standards.
  • Consider the reputation and reliability of the supplier. Choose a reputable supplier like Regent Steel & Engineering Co, known for providing quality C22 filler rods.

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Alloy c22 filler rod

Alloy c22 filler rod

Nickel c22 tig wire

Nickel c22 tig wire

NiCr21Mo14W welding wire

NiCr21Mo14W welding wire

What is the shelf life of UNS N06022 welding wire?

The shelf life of UNS N06022 welding wire can depend on several factors. Generally, the welding wire should be stored in a cool, dry and controlled environment to maintain its integrity. When stored properly, NiCr21Mo14W welding wire can have a shelf life of several years. However, check the manufacturer's recommendations for specific storage conditions & shelf life. Over time, exposure to moisture, humidity or contaminants can affect the welding wire's performance and quality, reducing its shelf life. Use welding wire within a reasonable timeframe to ensure optimal weld quality.

For use in petroleum and chemical plants, we have a range of DIN 2.4602 tig rod and NiCr21Mo14W welding wire sizes ranging from 0.76 mm to 4.70 mm or custom

Hastelloy c22 filler wire specification
Size Form Current
0.76 ∞ *4.70xmm
TIG cut lengths, MIG spools,Coils, Reels TIG-DCEN and MIG-DCEP
Welding type Hastelloy c22 welding wire Standard Application
Inert Gas Welding AWS A5.14

Hardware tools, Power sector etc.

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Most selling types of alloy c22 filler rod
Hastelloy c22 welding electrode

Hastelloy c22 welding electrode

  • Length: cut length 0.125 to 72″
  • Dia: 0.0004 to 0.040″
  • Density : 8.89 g/cm3
UNS N06022 tig rod

UNS N06022 tig rod

  • Smooth, Enamel
  • Polished bright
  • Bare, Ceramic
DIN 2.4602 welding rod

DIN 2.4602 welding rod

  • ANSI/AWS A5.14 ERNiCrMo-10
  • ASME SFA5.14 ERNiCrMo-10 F-43
  • Spools size: 045, 035,1/16 inch
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UNS N06022 filler metal equivalent
Hastelloy c22 welding wire N06022 NiCr21Mo14W NW 6022 2.4602
Nickel c22 tig wire mechanical properties
Element Tensile Strength Melting Point Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Density Elongation
Hastelloy c22 welding wire Psi – 1,00,000 , MPa – 690 1399 °C (2550 °F) Psi – 45000 , MPa – 310 8.69 g/cm3 45 %
Hastelloy c22 welding electrode chemical properties
Grade Mo P Mn C Si S Co Ni Cr Fe
Hastelloy c22 welding wire 12.50 – 14.50 0.02 max 0.50 max 0.010 max 0.08 max 0.02 max 2.50 max 50.015 min* 20.00 – 22.50 2.00 – 6.00
GTAW welding process of Hastelloy alloy c22 tig rod
  Tungsten Electrode Diameter Joint Thickness Welding Current Filler Wire Diameter Arc Voltage
in mm in mm amps in volts
3/32 or 1/8 2.4 or 3.2 >1/4 6.4 95-200 3/32 or 1/8 10-13
1/16 or 3/32 1.6 or 2.4 1/16-1/8 1.6-3.2 50-95 1/16 or 3/32 9-12
1/16 1.6 1/32-1/16 0.8-1.6 15-60 1/16 9-12
3/32 or 1/8 2.4 or 3.2 1/8-1/4 3.2-6.4 75-150 3/32 or 1/8 10-13
Size chart of NiCr21Mo14W welding wire
Hastelloy c22 welding wire Diameter inch 0.093 0.031 0.030 0.039 0.035 0.047 0.045 0.078 0.062 *0.125 0.093 *0.156x 0.187x
Diameter mm 2.40 0.80 0.76 1.00 0.89 1.20 1.10 2.00 1.60 *3.20 2.40 *4.00x *4.70x
SMAW welding process of DIN 2.4602 welding rod
SMAW Arc Voltage Electrode Diameter Welding Current
volts in mm amps
24-26 3/16 4.8 150-180
22-24 1/8 3.2 80-100
22-24 3/32 2.4 55-75
22-25 5/32 4.0 125-150
Hastelloy c22 filler wire GMAW welding process
GMAW - Shielding* Gas Wire Diameter Arc Voltage Welding Current Travel Speed
- - in mm volts amps in/min mm/min
Short Arc 2,3,4,5 0.035 0.9 18-20 70-90 8-10 200-250
2,3,4,5 0.045 1.1 19-22 75-160 8-10 200-250
Fixed Pulse 2,3,4 0.045 1.1 18-20 120-150 10-15 250-380
- - - - Peak 250-300 - -
Variable Pulse
2,3,4 0.035 0.9 - 50-125 10-15 250-380
- 0.045 1.1 - 100-175 10-15 250-380
Spray 1,3 0.045 1.1 30-32 190-250 10-15 250-380
Tensile data of UNS 6022 tig welding wire
Hastelloy c22 welding wire welding process Elongation 0.2% Offset Yield Strength Test Temperature Ultimate Tensile Strength
- % ksi MPa °F °C ksi MPa
SMAW 43 71 489 RT 113 779
GMAW* 52 72 496 RT 113 779
GTAW 47 76 524 RT 113 779
GTAW 52 60 407 500 260 94 648
GTAW 51 57 393 1000 538 87 600
SMAW 50 55 393 1000 538 84 579
V-Notch impact strength of nickel alloy c22 tig welding rods
Hastelloy c22 welding wire V-Notch Impact Strength (Room Temperature)
0.314 lb/in3 Density (RT) 8.69 gm/cm3
60 ft-lb SMAW 82 J
148 ft-lb GTAW 201 J
2475-2550°F Melting Range 1357-1399°C
What is the difference between nickel c22 filler wire and electrode?

Filler wire is a continuous wire form used in processes like gas tungsten arc welding. It is a consumable material used to the weld joint and create the desired weld bead. Filler wire is fed continuously into the welding arc to provide the necessary alloying elements and facilitate base metals joining.

Hastelloy c22 welding electrode is a rod used in shielded metal arc welding. The electrode serves a dual purpose, acting as both the filler material and the electrical conductor that carries the welding current. During welding, the electrode is consumed as it melts and fuses with the base metal to create the weld joint.

What are the different types of DIN 2.4602 filler wire?

Some common types of DIN 2.4602 filler wire include:

  • Solid wire filler is a continuous uniform cross-section wire used.
  • Flux-cored filler wire contains a flux core within the wire which eliminates the need for an external shielding gas.
  • TIG rod filler wire is primarily used in gas tungsten arc welding processes.
What is standard size and length of Hastelloy alloy c22 tig wire ?

The standard size and length of nickel c22 tig wire can vary as per the manufacturer and specific requirements. However, common sizes range from 0.8 to 3.2 mm in diameter. The length is typically presented in spools, ranging from 36 inches to 36 feet.

What are the advantages of alloy c22 filler metals?

help prevent hot cracking

Which welding is more strong?

TIG welding 

How should UNS N06022 filler rod be stored?

in a space that is between 250 to 300 °

What is the angle of nickel c22 filler rod?

30°- 40°

Why is Hastelloy c22 filler rod coated with flux?

to protects the solid metal and weld pool from atmospheric contamination