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Hastelloy c276 fasteners
What is Hastelloy C276 fasteners ?

Hastelloy C276 is one of the highly demanded and versatile alloys that shows some good mechanical properties. The Hastelloy c276 fasteners show good corrosion resistance in moderately oxidizing and highly reducing environments. They are also resistant to stress corrosion cracking and localized attacks. As Hastelloy alloy c276 washers can resist most of the severe chemicals, hence they can be used in sour gas service, power plant, chemical processing and other critical applications.

The WNR 2.4819 socket head cap screw material has molybdenum and chromium in its alloy, with added tungsten. This makes the material highly resistant to chloride related stress corrosion cracking, pitting, along with crevice and general corrosion. They can operate in an oxidizing atmosphere up to 1038 °C.

However, due to low chromium content, they cannot successfully resist highly oxidizing environments which include hot and concentrated nitric acid. The nickel c276 threaded rod has a low carbon content and hence can be utilized in as-welded conditions. They cannot be hardened by heat treatment but by cold working. They have a higher work hardening rate than the standard austenitic stainless steel grades.

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Is it possible to use Hastelloy c276 bolts in seawater applications?

Hastelloy c276 bolts can be used in sea water applications as they possess excellent corrosion resistance properties. It can also resist pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking in harsh conditions that occurs in marine environment. The high nickel content, along with molybdenum and chromium enhances the rust resistance properties. The alloy c276 bolts also have high strength and they come with a long service life.

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Alloy c276 bolts

Alloy c276 bolts

DIN 2.4819 studs

DIN 2.4819 studs

UNS N10276 hex bolts

UNS N10276 hex bolts

How can I be sure that the Hastelloy c276 screws I buy are suitable for the task at hand?

To ensure the Hastelloy c276 screws you are using will suffice your application, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Understand the requirements of your applications like mechanical loads, environment or any specific need that should be met.
  • Verify the composition of the screws and source them from reputed suppliers.
  • Perform all the necessary test and ask your supplier for detailed reports.
  • Choose the nickel alloy c276 screws with the right thread type and size.
  • Evaluate their strength requirements and check the fastening compatibility.
  • You can ask for custom solutions as per your application requirements.
  • Always get the c276 screws from reputed suppliers like Regent Steel & Engineering Co. They have experienced professionals who can guide you with the purchase.

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Hastelloy c276 fasteners specification
CNC machined Length Hot forged
M100/4" Dia upto 1500 mm M36/ 1-1/2" Dia
Specification Thread Use

Waste treatment and mining

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What are types of alloy c276 fasteners ?
Hastelloy c276 nuts

Hastelloy c276 nuts

  • M1.2 to M48
  • 3 to 200 mm
  • Slotted, Phillips, Six-Lobe
Nickel alloy c276 screws

Nickel alloy c276 screws

  • UNF, UNJ,
  • UNC, UNR
  • Cut, Rolled
Hastelloy alloy c276 threaded rod

Hastelloy alloy c276 threaded rod

  • Phosphate coated
  • Zinc Coated
  • Hot Dipped Galvanizing
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UNS N10276 hex bolts equivalent
Hastelloy c276 N10276 2.4819 NW 0276 NiMo16Cr15W ХН65МВУ ЭП760
DIN 2.4819 nuts mechanical properties
Material Hardness Rb Yield Strength (Min) Elongation % C276 filler wire ultimate tensile (min)
Mpa Ksi Mpa Ksi
Hastelloy c276 89 347 50.3 67 741 107.4
Hastelloy c276 86 376 54.6 60 796 115.5
Hastelloy c276 bolts chemical properties
Grade Mo C Mn Si Co P S Fe Ni Cr
Hastelloy c276 15.00 – 17.00 0.010 max 1.00 max 0.08 max 2.50 max 0.04 max 0.03 max 4.00 – 7.00 50.99 min* 14.50 – 16.50
What surface finishes do UNS N10276 hex bolts have?

ASTM B574 UNS N10276 hex bolts can be given different surface finishes to enhance their appearance, corrosion resistance properties and overall performance. Some of the common coatings applied on the bolt surface are galvanized, electroless nickel, zinc, sherardized, geomet, dacromet and PTFE.

How do I choose the right DIN 2.4819 nuts size for my application?

To choose the right size for your DIN 2.4819 nuts, you can do the following:

  • Understand your application requirements and determine the load that the nuts are required to meet.
  • Determine the type of thread and measure the thread dimensions appropriately.
  • Choose the appropriate type of nut as per the application and select the height for proper engagement.
  • Get your c276 nuts from reputed suppliers like Regent Steel & Engineering Co. They can also assist you with select the right nut size as per your application needs.
Are there any restrictions or disadvantages to using nickel alloy c276 studs?
  • The ASME SB574 c276 Hastelloy stud bolts are quite expensive.
  • C276 material is difficult to weld.
  • These alloy c276 fasteners are susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement and they have brittleness at elevated temperature conditions.