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Inconel 601 round bar
What is Inconel 601 round bar ?

Inconel 601 is an alloy made of nickel and chromium which shows excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation in high temperature conditions. The inconel 601 round bar can retain its mechanical properties at elevated temperature conditions and hence is ideally used for heat exchangers, furnaces, etc.

The bars can also withstand corrosive environments like acids, alkalis and sulfur compounds. It possesses good mechanical properties, including high tensile strength and fatigue resistance.

The nickel 601 rounds also possess good weldability and can be welded using standard techniques. Regent Steel & Engineering Co. offers high quality round bars made of inconel 601 material at competitive prices. We are one of the most renowned suppliers who offer certified products and adhere to industry guidelines. We offer additional services like fabrication for your convenience.

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We are experienced suppliers of alloy 601 rod and flat bar in India. Please review most common applications

What are the most common applications of Inconel 601 rod ?

Inconel 601 rod is preferred for corrosive and high temperature applications. They can be found in furnaces and different heat treating equipment. The rod is also used in industries like aerospace, chemical processing, pollution control, steam generator, etc.

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Inconel 601 rod

Inconel 601 rod

Alloy 601 flat bar

Alloy 601 flat bar

Inconel alloy 601 hex bar

Inconel alloy 601 hex bar

How much does alloy 601 flat bar cost?

The cost alloy 601 flat bar can vary with suppliers, their internal pricing and market conditions. Generally, inconel 601 is an expensive material, but the price also depends on size & dimension, quantity ordered, customization and delivery location. If you are searching for quality flat bars at the best price, contact Regent Steel & Engineering Co.

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Inconel 601 round bar specification
Inconel 601 round bar specification


Length Diameter Condition
upto 24 " or custom 3/16 upto 4" cold drawn, annealed, turned etc
Application Specification Form
muffle furnaces, automobile ASTM B166/ ASME SB166 Round, Hex, Square, Rectangular etc
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Most popular types of alloy 601 rod
UNS N06601 square bar

UNS N06601 square bar

  • Size: 3/16 up to 4 inch
  • ASTM B166 | ASME SB166
  • Length: 100 to 3000 mm
DIN 2.4851 rectangular bar

DIN 2.4851 rectangular bar

  • Baskets and other furnace parts
  • Automobile glow plug parts
  • Muffle furnaces
Nickel alloy 601 bright bar

Nickel alloy 601 bright bar

  • Rough Turned
  • Bright Polished
  • NO.4 Finish
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Inconel alloy 601 hex bar chemical properties
GRADE Ni Cr Mn Si C Cu Al S Fe
Inconel 601 Min 58 21 1
Max 63 25 1 0.5 0.1 1 1.7 0.015 BALANCE
DIN 2.4851 rectangular bar mechanical properties
Alloy and state ExtensibilityA5% Yield StrengthRPO.2N/mm2 Brinell hardnessHB tensile strengthRm N/mm2
annealing treatment 30 300 - 650
solid solution treatment 30 240 =220 600
UNS N06601 square bar equivalent
Inconel 601 N06601 NiCr23Fe NC23FeA 2.4851 NCF 601 NA 49 XH60BT
Is it possible to machine Inconel alloy 601 hex bar easily?

Inconel alloy 601 hex bar has high temperature strength and toughness, which is why it can hard to machine it. However, by selecting the proper tools, using the right coolant and adjusting the speed, you can machine the hex bar.

The feed rate must be adjusted and the entire procedure should be carried out by experienced professionals to get optimal results.

Can UNS N06601 square bar be used in corrosive environments? why ?

ASTM B166 UNS N06601 square bar can be used in corrosive environments due to its chemical composition.

  • The high nickel content enhances the corrosion resistance properties along with pitting and crevice corrosion.
  • Due to the presence of chromium, the material forms a strong oxide layer when exposed to oxygen. This thin coating on the surface prevents the bar from further corrosion.
  • It can also resist aqueous corrosion, oxidation and stress corrosion cracking.
Is it possible to weld DIN 2.4851 rectangular bar?

DIN 2.4851 rectangular bar can be welded using the right technique and filler material like ERNiCr-3. The choice of the welding method, however, depends on specific application requirements.

Following the welding parameters, considering the joint design and using appropriate shielding gas can help achieve optimal results.

Surface finish of Inconel 601 rod
RT Rough turned/peeled P&T Peeled and turned
SRE Slit rolled edge BD Bright drawn
P Polished CD Cold drawn
HRAP Hot rolled annealed and pickled CF Cold finished
HF Hot finished CG Centreless ground
PR Peeled and reeled ST Smooth turned
Nickel alloy 601 flat bar sizes
Flat bar – metric sizes and weights
Flat Size Standard Length (metres) KG’s per Metre Colour Code
13 x 3 6.0 0.31 Blue
10 x 3 6.0 0.24 Blue
13 x 5 6.0 0.46 Orange
16 x 5 6.0 0.64 Orange
16 x 3 6.0 0.38 Blue
16 x 8 6.0 1.03 Red
20 x 5 6.0 0.81 Orange
20 x 3 6.0 0.48 Blue
20 x 6 6.0 0.97 White
25 x 3 6.0 0.60 Blue
20 x 10 6.0 1.61 Yellow
25 x 5 6.0 1.01 Orange
25 x 8 6.0 1.61 Red
25 x 6 6.0 1.21 White
25 x 10 6.0 2.01 Yellow
32 x 3 6.0 0.77 Blue
25 x 12 6.0 2.41 Pink
32 x 6 6.0 1.55 White
32 x 5 6.0 1.29 Orange
32 x 8 6.0 2.06 Red
32 x 12 6.0 3.09 Pink
40 x 3 6.0 0.97 Blue
32 x 10 6.0 2.58 Yellow
40 x 5 6.0 1.61 Orange