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Monel 400 fasteners
What is Monel 400 fasteners?

If you are looking out for a material which can withstand corrosive environments and withstand extreme critical conditions, then Monel 400 fasteners is the perfect product to be chosen. Composed of minimum 63% Nickel and Copper ranging between 29%-33%, they offer higher resistance not only in normal corrosive conditions but also to acids and alkalis.

They also have excellent tensile strength and good mechanical strength. They also can come in contact with Aluminium, Zinc and iron, making it an ideal use case for seawater and chemical industries.

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With respect to ASTM F467, we have a lot of expertise as an affordable supplier of alloy 400 bolts and nuts in India, know its heat treatment

Is it possible to heat treat Monel 400 bolts?

We can not only heat Monel 400 bolts in normal conditions, such as at normal room temperatures, but also at extreme conditions, such as, hot and cold-working environments. They can be annealed and stress relieved to distort during subsequent machining. This also ensures added advantage of enhancing strength and ductility.

Annealing process: In annealing process, heating must be performed in sulphur-free reducing atmospheres. Ideal annealing temperature ranges between 1300–1800° F, but typical temperature range is 1600–1800° F. To avoid grain coarsening, low annealing temperatures ranging between 1300–1500° F.

Stress revealing: This process reduces stress without actually fractionally crystallizing the grain structure. Temperature for this process requires 1000/1050° F of heat for 1-2 hours, to relieve strains.

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Alloy 400 bolts

Alloy 400 bolts

UNS N04400 hex bolt

UNS N04400 hex bolt

Monel alloy 400 nut

Monel alloy 400 nut

Is alloy 400 hex bolt resistant to corrosion?

In environments such as sea water, acids and alkalis, alloy 400 hex bolt inherits good property of corrosion resistance and ensures that it does not rust or collide.

Due to the chemical composition of Nickel-Copper alloy mixture, they even have high tensile strength and good yield strength, which make them last for long period of time and even resist high temperature situations.

This bolt also prevents stress corrosion cracking in fresh and industrial waters. Adding to this factor, this ensures that it does not collide when exposed to extreme conditions. As a result, they are used mainly in marine, chemical and hydrocarbon processing applications.

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Monel 400 fasteners specification
monel 400 fasteners specification


CNC Machined Hot Forged MTC
M100/4" Dia, upto 1500 mm length M36/1-1/2 " Dia, upto 1100 mm length EN 10204 3.1/3.2
Thread Specification Application
BSW, METRIC, UNF, UNC, BSF, custom ASTM F467 | ASME SF467 offshore, petro-chemical
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Different types of alloy 400 fasteners
Nickel alloy 400 studs

Nickel alloy 400 studs

  • BSW, UNC
  • UNF, BSF
DIN 2.4360 threaded rod

DIN 2.4360 threaded rod

  • Size: M2 - M160
  • ASTM F467 | ASME SF467
  • Length: 3 to 200 mm
Monel 400 screws

Monel 400 screws

  • Machine screws
  • Socket head cap screw
  • Shoulder screws
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UNS N04400 nut equivalent
Monel 400 N04400 NU-30M 2.4360 NiCu30Fe NW 4400 МНЖМц 28-2,5-1,5 NA 13
DIN 2.4360 studs mechanical properties
Element Tensile Strength Melting Point Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Density Elongation
Monel 400 Psi – 80,000 , MPa – 550 1350 °C (2460 °F) Psi – 35,000 , MPa – 240 8.8 g/cm3 40 %
Monel alloy 400 threaded rod chemical properties
Grade S Mn Ni Si C Cu Fe
Monel 400 0.024 max 2.00 max 63.00 min 0.50 max 0.30 max 28.00 – 34.00 2.50 max
Why is UNS N04400 nut suitable for marine and offshore environments?

When dealing with marine and offshore environments, there are many factors which can cause materials to corrode or rust. To deal with this we make use of UNS N04400 nut which make sure that it does not corrode as it inherits properties of corrosion resistance.

Adding to this, it is also resistant to chloride stress corrosion cracking and exhibit good stiffness or toughness over a wide range of temperatures.

Another advantage of using this material is that it can be fabricated by conventional processing techniques at a smooth rate. These are the main reason for its utilization in these industries as they require materials which last for long period and can withstand conditions which can be extreme and yield good results.

What are difference between Monel alloy 400 studs and threaded rods?

With respect to size, if the material is found to be less than 12 inches, then it is a Monel alloy 400 studs, and if the material is greater than or equal to 12 inches, then it is ASTM F467 Monel 400 threaded rod.

Can nickel alloy 400 screws machine easily? how its perform?

Nickel alloy 400 screws is Nickel based material which offers not only high corrosion resistance advantages, but also good machinability characteristics. It has machinability rating of 45% and 70 HRB hardness. Although Monel 400 is least hard when compares with Nickel-bases alloys, but with this percentage it still offers good machinability.

This is one of the reasons why it exhibits excellent strength and shows good corrosion resistance behaviour over wide range of temperatures. Adding to this, hardness also defines machinability characteristics. Another reason being the presence of Nickel in higher-levels (63%). This is one of the reasons why it is an ideal use case in chemical companies and marine engineering.

Testing of nickel alloy 400 hex bolt
  • Hardness Test
  • Positive Material Identification – PMI Testing
  • Flattening Test
  • Mechanical Testing Such as Tensile of Area
  • Intergranular Corrosion (IGC) Test
  • Chemical Analysis – Spectro Analysis
  • Micro and MacroTest
WNR 2.4360 nut weight chart
Size Heavy Hex Jam Heavy Hex Finished Hex Heavy Square Finished Jam Square
5/8″ 6.96 11.9 7.33 14.3 4.93 10.8
1/2″ 4.00 6.54 3.75 7.87 2.62 5.78
3/4″ 11.0 19.3 11.9 23.5 7.70 15.4
1″ 23.5 42.5 28.3 51.5 17.6 36.3
7/8″ 16.7 29.7 19.0 36.2 12.0 24.5
11/4″ 45.8 78.6 54.3 95.5 36.1 70.6
11/8″ 32.4 59.2 40.3 72.4 24.7 52.5
13/8″ 59.3 102 73.0 125.0 47.9 94.5
15/8″ 91.6 162
11/2″ 74.8 131 94.3 161 60.9 122
13/4″ 114 204 151 100
2″ 165 299 224 140
17/8″ 134 241
21/4″ 227 419
4″ 1200 2180
23/4″ 429 738
21/2″ 332 564
3″ 545 950
31/2″ 851 1526
31/4″ 651 1194
33/4″ 1005 1812