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Nickel 200 tube
What is nickel 200 tube?

A material which has commercially pure Nickel (99.6%) is nickel 200 tube. It has excellent mechanical properties inherited and shows good resistance to most of the corrosive environments. Adding to this, this alloy is magnetic. It also has high thermal properties and has good electric conductivity.

Excellent corrosion resistance properties exhibited by this material makes it useful for maintaining purity in food handling, synthetic fibres, and alkalis. These are the main reasons why it is applicable in industries such as chemical shipping, electronic, aeronautics and missile components.

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What is the difference between ni200 and ni201 tubing?

In industrial level, both nickel 200 tubing and ni201 are used more frequently. Although both materials comprise higher contents of Nickel and as a result, exhibit excellent corrosion properties, both have some distinguishing differences. The main difference lies in their chemical composition. Though composed of Nickel, ni201 contains low carbon or is a low-carbon of ni-200. This material only contains 0.02% Carbon (maximum).

200 Nickel tubing is utilized in scenarios where temperature is under 600° F. Whereas 201 Nickel tubing is utilized in areas with temperature above 600° F. This is one of the reasons why it is good for cold forming as it requires high temperature. On the other hand, electronic industries majorly demand for Ni200 extruded tube. It is also demanded in chemical industries, aeronautics and missile equipment, which require high corrosion resistance to be a primary factor.

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Nickel 200 tubing

Nickel 200 tubing

Nickel alloy 200 seamless tube

Nickel alloy 200 seamless tube

Alloy 200 welded tube

Alloy 200 welded tube

What is the annealing temperature of nickel 200 seamless tube?

Characteristic properties are shown by nickel 200 seamless tube which make itself unique for utilization. Along with corrosion resistance properties, this material is subjected to temperatures at the range of 700-1100° F. When exposed to higher temperatures, it affects the atomic structure as a result of prolonged heating of amorphous Carbon, in other words, graphitization.

This becomes one of the reasons for the birth of compromised properties.

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Nickel 200 tube specification
Nickel 200 tube specification


Size Wall Thickness Length
.125 to 1.500 " OD .020 to.072 " 6 to 12 meter
Specification Form MTC
ASTM B161/ B163 seamless, hot rolled, annealed, welded 10204 3.1 & 3.2
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Most commonly used nickel 200 tubing types
UNS N02200 annealed tube

UNS N02200 annealed tube

  • OD: .125" to 1.500"
  • ASME SB730, ASME SB163, ASME SB161, ASME SB751
  • Thickness:.020" to .072"
Ni200 heat exchanger tube

Ni200 heat exchanger tube

  • U’ bent or Straight
  • Round
  • Rectangular, Hydraulic
DIN 2.4066 boiler tubes

DIN 2.4066 boiler tubes

  • AP
  • Polished
  • MF and BA
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UNS N02200 annealed tube equivalent
STANDARD Nickel 200
EN Ni 99.2
BS NA 11
UNS N02200
JIS NW 2200
Alloy 200 heat exchanger tube mechanical properties
Grade Nickel 200
Elongation 45 %
Density 8.9 g/cm3
Tensile Strength Psi – 21,500 , MPa – 148
Melting Point 1446 °C (2635°F)
Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Psi – 67,000 , MPa – 462
Nickel 200 seamless tube chemical properties
Grade Nickel 200
Fe 0.40 max
Mn 0.35 max
C 0.15 max
Ni 99.0 min
Cu 0.25 max
Si 0.35 max
S 0.01 max
What are the properties of alloy 200 welded tube?

Along with corrosion resistance, there are much other appreciable properties which are executed by alloy 200 welded tube. They are known to exhibit good mechanical properties; they have good conductivity towards electricity and high-thermal situations.

They are also resistant towards most of the corrosive environments. Adding to this, technique such as Tungsten Inert Gas, is a well-known welding technique by which this material can be easily welded. They have low carbon content. As a result, it minimizes precipitation of boundary grain during the process of welding, which in turn, reduces the risk of subsequent corrosions.

Why is nickel 200 tube not used in high temperature?

Due to the rearrangement of atomic structures which achieves a structure that is typical of solids, as a result of prolonged heating of amorphous carbon, UNS N02200 annealed tube is not recommended for high temperatures. This issue occurs mainly when the material is exposed to high temperatures.

For high temperatures, Nickel 201 is used. But for temperature below 600° F, 200 Nickel then becomes an ideal use case. This is one of the reasons why industries such as pressure vessel services, do not use this material as they require temperature up to 1250 ° C.

What are 4 important uses of alloy 200 heat exchanger tube?

Because of good corrosion resistance to almost all corrosive scenarios or environments, alloy 200 heat exchanger tube can be used in variety of industries and it provides good results. Following are the four uses of this product:

  • Synthetic Fibres.
  • Rocket motors.
  • Food handlers.
  • Drums for the purpose of chemical transportation.
Size chart of alloy 200 welded tube
Specification Description OD Manufacture Method DFARS Wall
ASTM B161 ASTM B163 3/8 X .049 0.3750 SEAMLESS & DRAWN No 0.0490
3/8 X .065 0.3750 No 0.0650
1/2 X .049 0.5000 Yes 0.0490
3/8 OD X .035 0.3750 Yes 0.0350
3/4 X .065 0.7500 No 0.0650
1.00 X .083 1.0000 No 0.0830
3/4 X .049 0.7500 No 0.0490
1/4 X .049 0.2500 No 0.0490
1.00 X .065 1.0000 No 0.0650
1/4 X .035 0.2500 Yes 0.0350
Gauge thickness of nickel 200 tubing
0.031 - 0.035 inch 20 0.035
0.175 - 0.185 inch 7 0.18
0.025 - 0.029 inch 22 0.028
0.044 - 0.049 inch 18 0.049
0.038 - 0.042 inch 19 0.042
0.053 - 0.058 inch 17 0.058
0.066 - 0.074 inch 15 0.072
0.060 - 0.065 inch 16 0.065
0.075 - 0.085 inch 14 0.083
0.101 - 0.111 inch 12 0.109
0.087 - 0.097 inch 13 0.095
0.112 - 0.122 inch 11 0.12
0.140 - 0.150 inch 9 0.148
0.126 - 0.136 inch 10 0.134
0.157 - 0.167 inch 8 0.165