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Nickel 201 Plate
What is Nickel 201 plate?

nickel 201 plate is a material purely comprising of Nickel contents with the percentage of 99.6 and maximum amounts of carbon content of 0.02%. Across wide range of temperature, from low to high levels, these plates provide high ductility. Another property that it inherits is that it has ferromagnetic nature.

In moderate to reducing environments, it provides excellent corrosion resistance. These plates may be considered ideal for use case for temperature above 600° F, because of low carbon content. If you desire to look out for pure 201 nickel shim sheet, we would definitely recommend you to purchase this product from our website.

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What differentiate nickel 200 from nickel 201 sheet?

The main comparison between nickel 200 and nickel 201 sheet starts with the chemical composition. 201 nickel sheet comprises 0.02% of carbon contents. This is the reason why it is considered as the low-carbon version of nickel 200, because nickel 200 has 0.15% carbon content. With respect to temperature, the material which has very less carbon content can withstand high level temperatures.

Hence, nickel sheet 201 wins the race as it is ideal for use case in temperatures above 600° F, and comprising 0.02% carbon contents. Adding to this, when we expose 200 nickel at high temperatures, it might result into graphitization, which involves heating of amorphous carbon for a long period of time, resulting into rearrange of atomic structure.

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Pure nickel 201 sheet

Pure nickel 201 sheet

Ni 201 strip

Ni 201 strip

UNS n02201 coil

UNS n02201 coil

What temperature is suitable for nickel 201 coil?

Materials such as ASME SB162 NW 2201 coil can withstand temperature beyond 600° F. This is because they have low carbon contents, which make them advantageous for use case. If exposed to temperatures above 600 ° C, it does not undergo graphitization and shows excellent mechanical and chemical properties.

Due to this, they are approved for construction of pressure vessel. Coil 200 are also approved for temperature servicing up to 1250° F.

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Nickel 201 plate specification
Nickel 201 plate specification


Thickness Width Length
3/16 to 1" 36 to 48 inch 96 to 144 inch
Specification Cutting Method Application
ASTM B162/ ASME SB162 laser, plasma, waterjet battery components, transducers
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Most famous types of alloy 201 sheet
Alloy 201 shim sheet

Alloy 201 shim sheet

  • ASTM B162 | ASME SB162
  • Thickness: 2 - 40 mm
  • Width: 10-2500mm
Werkstoff nr. 2.4068 foil

Werkstoff nr. 2.4068 foil

  • Petrochemical Processing
  • Marine and Water Treatment
  • Aerospace and Missile
Nickel alloy 201 plate

Nickel alloy 201 plate

  • Melting range: 2615 – 2635°F
  • Density: 0.321 lbs/in3
  • Temprature: 0.109 BTU/lb-°F (32—212°F)
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DIN 2.4068 coil chemical properties
Grade Mn C S Si Fe Cu Ni
Nickel 201 0.35 max 0.02 max 0.01 max 0.35 max 0.40 max 0.25 max 99.0 min
UNS N02201 sheet equivalent
Nickel 201 - N02201 2.4068 NA 12 NW 2201 НП-2 LC-Ni 99
Ni 201 strip mechanical properties
Element Elongation Melting Point Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Density Tensile Strength
Nickel 201 45 % 1446 °C (2635 °F) Psi – 21500 , MPa – 148 8.9 g/cm3 Psi – 67000 , MPa – 462
What is the primary use of alloy 201 sheet?

Ni 201 sheet covers wide range of applications because of maximum content of nickel. These sheets are used primarily in neutral or reducing surroundings. Formation of passive film takes place when used in oxidized environments.

Fresh and many process waters also make use of this material. They are also widely used in aeronautics, food handling, drums which are used to transport chemicals, synthetic fibres and equipment for food processing.

What is the rate of nickel rust?

Nickel alloy 201 clad plate have corrosion rates or rust rates less than 0.0025 mm/yr, depending on the varying degrees of surface discoloration of each alloy. Nickel and nickel-based alloys have a good resistance to atmospheric corrosions, although it results in the formation of grey-green patina.

This patina becomes brown in sulphurous environments. This is one of the reasons why these alloys are used in paper and mill industries where corrosion resistance is a primary characteristic. Because of this rust rate, it is often an ideal use case for the disposal of organic waste in unevaporated black liquor.

What are 5 exciting facts about nickel 201 strip?

There are many surprising factors which are delivered by the nickel 201 strip.

  • Right starting from their chemical composition, it is purely nickel-content wrought out material. They comprise mainly 99.6% Nickel and remaining is very low carbon content with 0.02%, making them highly ductile.
  • To increase the versatility and usefulness, another astonishing fact about Ni-201 strip is that it can be hot formed into almost any shapes.
  • By the means of cold-forming process, they can be easily worked, machined and welded with the normal commercial processes. In order to retain ductility and strength of 201 strip, correct annealing and working processes are performed.
  • Unlike nickel 200, ASTM B162 alloy 201 plate have very low carbon-content, making them prone to function at temperature levels above 600° F. At this temperature, they exhibit excellent strength, ductility and good resistance to corrosion or rust.
  • This material is also a solution to distilled and natural waters and is the only strip which offers excellent mechanical properties to such situations.
Length tolerances of ASTM B162 alloy 201 plate
Nominal length (mm) Plus Minus
2,000 < L < 8,000 0.005 times L 0
L < 2,000 10 0
L > 8,000 40 0
Imperial dimensions of nickel 201 sheet
Width (in) Gauge (in)
max. 60 12–24
max. 72* 10–24
max. 60 11–24
max. 48 18–28
max. 48 13–29