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Super duplex 2507 round bar
What is Super duplex 2507 round bar?

Super duplex 2507 is a high strength alloy that is known for its high corrosion resistance properties. It has a dual microstructure and hence possesses properties of both austenitic and ferritic stainless steel. The super duplex 2507 round bar is suitable for use in highly corrosive harsh environments.

They possess high tensile & yield strengths, which allows them to withstand heavy loads and pressure. It can also resist chloride ion related stress corrosion cracking. Super duplex 2507 material possesses excellent weldability and good formability.

Due to all these properties, the 25cr super duplex rounds are used for critical applications in chemical processing, oil & gas, power generation, marine and various other industries. Regent Steel & Engineering Co. is one of the most renowned 2507 grade bar suppliers in India.

They focus on creating customer-specific solutions that are high in quality and available at competitive prices. Contact us today with your requirements for 2507 products.

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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the first SAF 2507 rod and hex bar supplier in India, know more about cutting techniques

What tools and techniques be used for effective cutting of 2507 round bar ?

To cut the 2507 round bars effectively, it is crucial to use the right tools and techniques. This will ensure precision without causing any damage to the bar. Some common tools used for the process are:

  • Abrasive cut-off saw which offers a clean and straight cut with minimal heat generation. It helps to reduce the risk of material damage.
  • A band saw offers precision cutting and is used for various diameters.
  • Cold saw reduces heat generation during cutting.

Common techniques employed for the round bars are:

  • Plasma cutting which offers high speed and is suitable for complex shapes.
  • Water jet cutting is a cold cutting method that helps reduce the heat generated during the process.
  • Laser cutting is high speed and offers greater precision. They are suitable for thin to medium thickness bars.

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Alloy 2507 rod

Alloy 2507 rod

SAF 2507 hex bar

SAF 2507 hex bar

2507 super duplex stainless steel flat bar

2507 super duplex stainless steel flat bar

based on which factor 2507 bar cost vary ?

The cost of 2507 bars can vary with the suppliers, depending on their internal pricing strategies and market conditions. The specific price is also dependent on the size, dimensions, customization, quantity ordered and delivery location.

If you are looking for cost effective 2507 stainless steel square bar without compromising the quality, contact Regent Steel & Engineering Co.

As a genuine 2507 bar supplier, we keep a ready stock of DIN 1.4410 rectangular and bright bar diameter ranging from 0.250″ – 14.000″ in stock for offshore industry applications.

Super duplex 2507 round bar specification
Super duplex 2507 round bar specification


Diameter Length Application
1/2 to 12 " upto 24" or custom mining and power generation
Specification Grades Form
ASTM A276/ ASME SA276 UNS S32750/ S32760 Round, Hex, Square, Rectangular etc
Explore our ASME SA276 25cr super duplex annealed bar and other supply range , which can be cut to any size to meet customer requirements.
Different types of duplex 2507 bar
WNR 1.4410 rectangular bar

WNR 1.4410 rectangular bar

  • Soft Annealing
  • Solution Annealing
  • Hardening & Tempering
UNS S32750 bright bar

UNS S32750 bright bar

  • Dia: 3 - 450mm
  • Length: 3 to 6 meter
  • ASTM A276 | ASME SA276
2507 bar

2507 bar

  • Turned
  • Grinding
  • Rough Polish
Is it difficult to find SDSS 2507 cold drawn and hot rolled bar in uncommon sizes. purchase online at dealer pricing and examine its composition at Regent Steel.
DIN 1.4410 hex bar mechanical properties
Ultimate Tensile Strength, ksi 116 min.
Hardness Rockwell C 32 max.
0.1% Offset Yield Strength 0.2%, ksi 91 min.
Elongation in 2 inches, % 15 min.
0.2% Offset Yield Strength 0.2%, ksi 80 min.
Impact Energy, ft.-lbs. 74 min.
SAF 2507 rod equivalent
Super Duplex  S32760/S32750  1.4410
UNS S32760 bright bar chemical properties
Others N C Cr Mo Ni
S=0.001 0.27 0.020 25 4.0 7
which industries frequently use 2507 super duplex stainless steel flat bar ?

2507 super duplex stainless steel flat bar is known for its high strength and corrosion resistance properties. Thus, they are used in industries like oil & gas, pulp & paper, mining, aerospace, food & beverage, etc.

What are pros and cons of SAF 2507 rod ?

The benefits offered by SAF 2507 rods are high resistance to corrosion including pitting, crevice and stress corrosion cracking. They possess high strength and duplex microstructure. The rods have a long service life and are suitable for cryogenic as well as elevated temperature applications.

The cons associated with the rods would include their high cost and limited availability, which increases the lead time. Due to the dual phase microstructure of the 2507 material, welding can be complex and require careful adherence to the welding parameters. The material is also tough to machine and susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement.

what security measures should be established to prevent damage of DIN 1.4410 hex bar ?

To prevent ASTM A276 DIN 1.4410 hex bars from damage, it is crucial to store, handle and transport them safely.

  • They should be stored in a clean & dry place with abundant ventilation to prevent moisture accumulation.
  • Keep them on racks to prevent contact with ground and potential contaminations.
  • A consistent temperature and humidity condition should be maintained in the storage area, so an indoor setup is a must.
  • The bars should be handled with precaution, wearing gloves.
  • They should be packed individually in wooden pallets with foam placed in between to avoid impact during transportation.
Value added services for 2507 stainless steel square bar
  • Machining
  • SAW Cutting
  • Polishing
Size chart of SDSS 2507 cold drawn bar
Metric Japanese US Bar Canadian/ASTM
Diam. (mm) Bar Size Diameter (mm) Bar Size Diam. (Inch) Bar Size Diameter (mm2) Bar Size
6 6 13 13 0.500 #4 300 20M
5 5 6 6 0.250 #2 100 10M
7 7 16 16 0.625 #5 500 25M
5.5 5.5 10 10 0.375 #3 200 15M
8 8 19 19 0.750 #6 700 30M
10 10 25 25 1.000 #8 1500 45M
9 9 22 22 0.875 #7 1000 35M
50 50
11 11 29 29 1.125 #9 2500 55M
14 14 35 35 1.375 #11
12 12 32 32 1.250 #10
16 16 38 38 1.500 #12
20 20 44 44 1.750 #14
22 22 48 48 1.875 #15
18 18 41 41 1.625 #13
28 28 57 57 2.250 #18
25 25 51 51 2.000 #16
32 32
40 40
36 36
44 44
Surface finish of UNS S32750 rectangular bar
RT Rough turned/peeled P&T Peeled and turned
SRE Slit rolled edge BD Bright drawn
P Polished CD Cold drawn
HRAP Hot rolled annealed and pickled CF Cold finished
HF Hot finished CG Centreless ground
PR Peeled and reeled ST Smooth turned