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Titanium Grade 2 Pipe
What is Titanium Grade 2 Pipe ?

Titanium grade 2 is a commercially pure and shows excellent corrosion resistance. The material is quite popular as it has high formability and weldability. The titanium grade 2 pipe can resist a wide range of corrosive environments which includes sea water, chemicals and different acids.

They have a high strength-to-weight ratio which makes them perfect for lightweight structural applications.

The WNR 3.7035 welded pipe is suitable for applications in chemical processing, aerospace, marine, power generation and various other industries.

However, it might not be the best choice for extremely high strength or elevated temperature applications. To know if Ti grade 2 pipes are perfect for your project, contact experienced professionals at Regent Steel & Engineering Co.

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What are the properties of titanium grade 2 tube?
  • The titanium grade 2 tube shows good corrosion resistance in highly corrosive environments, including seawater, acid solutions and chlorides.
  • It has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is perfect for lightweight structural applications. The low density also contributes to its light weightness.
  • Ti grade 2 material is biocompatible and hence is perfect for various medical devices.
  • The titanium alloy Gr 2 seamless tube material possesses excellent weldability and good ductility.
  • The material is non-magnetic and has low thermal expansion & conductivity.

Availability and supply of cp grade 2 seamless pipe size range from 1/2 to 6 inch and length 6-12 meter or custom in Mumbai with prompt delivery. see WNR 3.7035 welded pipe temperature range

Titanium grade 2 tube

Titanium grade 2 tube

Titanium pipe grade 2

Titanium pipe grade 2

Titanium tube grade 2

Titanium tube grade 2

What is the temperature range for titanium pipe grade 2 ?

The temperature range of titanium pipe grade 2 ranges between cryogenic to moderately elevated temperature. The material can withstand extremely low temperatures that go down to -196 °C or lower. However, using the pipe above 600 °C or an environment with fluctuating temperatures might not be a great idea.

As stockist UNS R50400 welded tube with wall thicknesses ranging from sch 10 to sch 40 are available at a fair price., see titanium alloy gr 2 seamless tube specification

Titanium grade 2 pipe specification
Titanium Grade 2 Pipe specification


Size Length Wall thickness
OD 12.70 to 101.60 mm upto 228.0 " 0.083 to 0.337 "
Process Specification Application
seamless. welded, erw, fabricated ASTM B861 | B862 architecture, power generation
Only here will you have the opportunity to get Grade 2 Titanium tubing at a reasonable price for elevated temperature service, check its types
Most Common types of titanium pipe grade 2
Grade 2 titanium tubing

Grade 2 titanium tubing

  • Medical industry
  • Marine Industry
  • petrochemical industry
Cp grade 2 seamless pipe

Cp grade 2 seamless pipe

  • ASTM B861/B862
  • 1/2 to 6 inch
  • length 6-12 meter
UNS R50400 welded pipe

UNS R50400 welded pipe

  • Beveled End
  • Plain End
  • Threaded

As one of the top distributors, we can help with any demands for the supply of titanium grade 2 tube, understand titanium tube grade 2 technical properties
Titanium pipe grade 2 equivalent
Titanium Gr. 2 Pipe W. NR. 3.7035, W. NR. 3.7034 ASME SB-265, AMS 4902 R50400
Grade 2 titanium tubing mechanical properties
Yield strength min. 275, max. 450 MPa
Tensile strength min. 345 MPa
Elongation min. 20%
Density 4,51g/cm²
Melting point 1670°C
Thermal conductivity at 20°C 16 W/ m°C
Beta transus temperature 920 ± 4°C
UNS R50400 welded tube chemical properties
Ti Rest
O max. 0,25
C max. 0,08
Fe max. 0,30
N max. 0,03
H max. 0,015
Does titanium tube grade 2 oxidize?

The titanium tube grade 2 can form an oxide layer on its surface when exposed to air. This oxide layer primarily consists of titanium dioxide, which is highly stable and offers good resistance to corrosion.

The oxide layer also acts as a natural barrier for further oxidation or corrosion of the underlying metal. This is why, the UNS R50400 welded tube is resistant to different forms of corrosion.

Is grade 2 titanium tubing magnetic?

The grade 2 titanium tubing material has non-magnetic properties and is preferred for applications where magnetic properties are not required. This includes medical devices, aerospace components, etc.

What is the fracture toughness of Cp grade 2 seamless pipe ?

Fracture toughness refers to the resistance of the material from getting cracked under stress. The fracture toughness of cp grade 2 seamless pipe depends on its manufacturing process, pipe thickness and heat treatment applied.

Generally, Ti grade 2 has a good fracture toughness but the specific value can vary. It is often reported in terms of the energy absorbed during the process of impact testing.