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Titanium grade 2 plate
What is Titanium grade 2 plate ?

Titanium grade 2 comes with high strength, ductility and they have outstanding resistance to corrosion and thus, can be used in several industries. This commercially pure titanium can resist highly oxidizing and mildly resisting environments. The Titanium grade 2 plate has a minimum tensile strength of 275 MPa and can operate in continuous service for up to 425 °C. They show good performance in intermittent service till 540 °C. The grade 2 titanium rolling plate has good workability, machinability and fabricability.

The Grade 2 Ti is very lightweight due to its low density. Due to these properties, the cp grade 2 titanium clad plate is widely used in chemical processing and desalination industries. The material also shows good resistance to chloride ion related stress corrosion cracking and can be used in marine applications. Ti grade 2 can also withstand the attacks of moist and metallic chlorides.

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How much does titanium grade 2 sheet cost?

Titanium grade 2 sheets are affordable and worth the price due to the properties they offer. However, the exact price can vary with the supplier, their internal costings and current market conditions. The grade 2 titanium sheet price can also depend on the quantity ordered, your custom requirements, any additional test or certifications and delivery location. You can contact Regent Steel & Engineering Co. to get the most affordable Titanium grade 2 sheet cost without compromising on the quality.

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CP grade 2 titanium sheet

CP grade 2 titanium sheet

Titanium grade 2 coil

Titanium grade 2 coil

UNS r50400 strips

UNS r50400 strips

What is the lifespan of grade 2 titanium plate?

With proper maintenance and cleaning, grade 2 titanium plate can last for more than 20 years. However, make sure that the Werkstoff Nr. 3.7035 plates are inspected on a regular basis and in case of any issues, inform your suppliers immediately.

As stockist we offer ASME SB265 titanium grade 2 sheet in thickness ranging from 0.5 to 50 mm and length 2000 to 6000 mm at a competitive price in Mumbai, see specification chart

Titanium grade 2 plate specification
Sheet Plate Coil
0.016 to 0.125 inch 0.250 to 0.500 inch 0.016 to 0.125 inch
Cutting Specification Application
laser, plasma, waterjet ASTM B265 | ASME SB265 Heat exchanger, electroplating
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Different types of grade 2 titanium plate
Grade 2 titanium plate

Grade 2 titanium plate

  • ASTM B265 | ASME SB265
  • Thickness: 0.1 - 100 mm
  • Width: 10 to 2500mm
Werkstoff nr. 3.7035 foil

Werkstoff nr. 3.7035 foil

  • Polishing
  • Cut-to-length
  • Slitting
Ti grade 2 perforated sheet

Ti grade 2 perforated sheet

  • Indian Origin
  • European Origin
  • Japanese Origin
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UNS R50400 strips equivalent
Titanium Gr. 2 Plate W. NR. 3.7035, W. NR. 3.7034 ASME SB-265, AMS 4902 R50400
Titanium grade 2 coil mechanical properties
Yield strength min. 275, max. 450 MPa
Tensile strength min. 345 MPa
Elongation min. 20%
Density 4,51g/cm²
Melting point 1670°C
Thermal conductivity at 20°C 16 W/ m°C
Beta transus temperature 920 ± 4°C
Werkstoff Nr. 3.7035 plate chemical properties
Ti Rest
O max. 0,25
C max. 0,08
Fe max. 0,30
N max. 0,03
H max. 0,015
What are the drawbacks of UNS R50400 sheet?
  • The grade 2 titanium rolling sheets have limited strength compared to other Ti alloys.
  • They have low hardness and thus, can be easily machined and formed.
  • The DIN 3.7035 flat sheet may experience loss of mechanical properties at elevated temperatures and hence, is not suitable for extremely high temperature applications.
  • The material is sensitive to some contamination during welding, fabrication, etc.
  • They are commercially pure grade of titanium and have limited alloying options.
  • They are susceptible to galling.
What are five remarkable facts about p Grade 2 Titanium?
  • The ASTM B265 UNS R50400 strips show great resistance to corrosion and can be exposed to moist, chemical and various corrosive environments.
  • The Ti grade 2 material shows good biocompatibility.
  • The Ti grade 2 hot rolled plate possess good weldability and formability.
  • They show a good balance of strength and weight.
  • Ti Grade 2 has low density, which is why they are lightweight.
Is Ti Grade 2 plate suspectable to bending or breaking?

The UNS R50400 cold rolled plate is generally not likely to break under normal conditions. They have good flexibility, durability and moderate strength. However, if the plate is subjected to very high load or stress that is incompatible with its capacity, then it can break or bend. The plate thickness and operating conditions are the major considerations here.